Our country and the world faces various challenges which cannot be adequately addressed without engaging the moral degeneration and inequalities within our society. Core principles and values have been lost resulting in the breakdown of individuals, families and communities. The programmes developed by RE.EDGE aims to address inequality, poverty, unemployment and other social ills which are consistently on the increase.


RE.EDGE formulates and facilitates the implementation of TRANSFORMATIONAL DEVELOPMENT programmes which drive the holistic empowerment of individuals, families, organisations and communities. This is achieved through;


•  Moral regeneration, leadership development, emotional intelligence and spiritual growth achieved by training and providing support

•  Understanding and alignment of competency which includes personality traits, purpose and vision

•  Identifying and maximizing economic opportunities in order to facilitate new  business creation and development together with job creation, thereby

    stimulating economic growth

•  Development and implementation of sustainable projects which facilitate income generation and unlock enterprise opportunities, ensuring redistribution

   of wealth and the creation of sustainable access to the economy

•  Access to sponsorships and grants to support the implementation of programs

•  Establishing cross sectoral trusted partners who share unity of purpose and vision

•  Provision of platforms and programs which facilitate communication, collaboration, service provision, management, marketing and training etc.

•  Facilitating effective monitoring and evaluation to ensure delivery against objectives


Key to sustainable and executive transformation is ensuring collaboration between all role-players. RE.EDGE will ensure that all stakeholders are engaged to drive holistic empowerment and facilitate transformation through sound partnerships.



The Kingdom Economic Empowerment (KEE) Program incorporates spiritual, psychological, economic, social and environmental development.

The program brings about meaningful and holistic change by;

•  Driving behavioural change through the restoration of families, principles and values thus;

  • Improving morality and integrity through pursuit for righteousness
  • Ensuring engagement at all levels is based on truth, love and respect which drives voluntary submission and accountability

•  Establishing an environment that drives stewardship that results in;

  • Redistribution of wealth
  • Equity and Sharing

•  Aligning the individuals competencies to that of the entity or goal which results in; 

  • Improved performance  - Better Service delivery
  • Business Growth  - Higher Return on Investment

•  Ensuring economic interest is adequately spread to historically disadvantaged individuals

   and communities which results in;

  • Bigger and better projects
  • Job creation
  • Empowerment and growth

•  Improved Sustainable Living standards


Kingdom Economic Empowerment Framework areas are:

•  LeaderShift™ – Driving behavioral change through nurturing and developing Faithful Servant Leaders

•  EconomicShift™ – Facilitating equitable economic growth and improved living standards, for all wanting to serve, by creating more business,

   work opportunities and securing resources

•  CommunityShift™ – Restoration of the family and establishing greater unity whilst empowering the community to become productive, self-sufficient,

   and morally sound ensuring peace and social justice is re-established

•  EnvironmentShift™ - Providing practical mechanisms and tools to facilitate greater environmental stewardship, sustainable low impact living,

   improved infrastructure, health and well-being

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